About Dr. Kim Gentin

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience. I help people heal from difficult experiences, develop authentic and meaningful relationships, and live a life that honors their strengths, passions, and identity. Therapy, to me, is collaborative – I work to create a warm and safe space where you can pursue goals that are important to you. My approach is non-judgmental, insightful, and interactive. I believe in working towards a better understanding of yourself and your relationships as well as taking action to create meaningful change.

My educational background includes a B.S. degree from Tulane University in 1992 (Psychology major). Thereafter, I obtained both my M.S. (1995) and Psy.D. (1998) degrees from Miami Institute of Psychology (doctoral dissertation – The Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety Disorders).

Professionally, I have had the privilege of working in the clinical realm with a diverse population (elderly, adults, college students, adolescents, young children) and in different settings (hospitals, residential facilities, outpatient clinics, private practice). I completed my internship in 1998 at St. Elizabeths Hospital/Commission on Mental Health Services and my residency at Parent & Infant Development Program in 2000.

Since 2000, I have worked in private practice with individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

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