Are you continually sad?  Or feeling blue?  Or maybe feel disconnected/ unmoved by life’s pleasures?

Do these feelings stay with you, no matter what you do?  If so, you may suffer from depression.  And it’s something I can help you with.

About Depression

Clinical Depression is one of the more misunderstood of human conditions. That’s because we all feel depressed from time to time, depending on life’s circumstances. Thus, it’s a temporary condition for many people.

However, for many other people (over 17 million a year), it is NOT temporary.  If the signs of depression last more than a few weeks, you may want to seek help.

Here are some of the classic signs of depression:

  • Continual sad (or “blue”) mood
  • Loss of pleasure in most activities (even ones you used to enjoy)
  • Insomnia (or even sleeping too much)
  • Significant weight loss (or weight gain)
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Trouble concentrating or thinking clearly
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt (and perhaps even thoughts of suicide and/or death)

The Causes (and stigma) of depression

Depression has many causes – it’s not easy to nail down. It could be physical (chemical imbalances), or it could be brought on by external circumstances.  It can also be hereditary. Or it could be caused by a combination of any and all of these.
One thing we do know for sure is that sufferers of chronic depression generally can’t just “snap out of it.”  That’s where the stigma comes in. Again, we all get depressed from time to time due to life’s circumstances. So those who feel depressed for a bit and then get over it sometimes do not understand those who simply cannot. It’s somewhat akin to a lifelong smoker who quits smoking, and then wonders why everyone else can’t also quit.

Treatment for your depression

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I do understand what you are experiencing and can help you reach a better state of mind.

You DO NOT have to suffer through this alone. Contact me, and we’ll devise and work on a plan to help you feel better.



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