Relationship Issues

The term “Relationship Issues” can cover a lot of ground.  For example, if a person has a “relationship issue,” he or she can mean any and all of the following:

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-Romantic Relationships (couples) – Husband/wife issues, unmarried couples dating and having conflicts, couples living together experiencing bumps in the road, divorce, etc.

-Romantic Relationships (individuals) – One partner having issues (perhaps with the other denying a problem exists), maybe someone who cannot find a meaningful relationship (or always finds bad ones), someone who can’t get over a breakup, etc.
-“In-house” Family Dynamic Relationships – Parents/kids, blended families, step parents, etc.

-Parental Relationships – adults having issues with their own parents… perhaps related to aging parents, a death of a parent, or even events stemming from childhood.

-Other Relationships – work relationships, friends, etc.

Romantic Relationships 

Sometimes, the issue with romantic relationships is individual in nature. For example, there are plenty of people who, time and time again, pick the wrong type of partner. Why is that, and how can it change?

Or, to give another example, maybe one half of a couple is dissatisfied (or being treated poorly), while the partner is oblivious to the issue (or worse, denies one exists).

One more example is someone who cannot, for whatever reason, get over a breakup. This not only makes your life miserable today, but can also impede future relationships.

“In-house” Family Dynamic Relationships

Today’s world is increasingly complex. The definition of “family” has changed markedly. From parents not relating to their increasingly “connected” teenagers to step-parents and step-siblings sharing a home to several generations under one roof, there are definite seeds that breed fertile ground for conflict.

I meet with individuals and sometimes their family members to help sort through the issues that our modern society has thrown at us.

Parental Relationships

Relationships with our parents can be complicated – especially as we reach adulthood, and our parents age. Values and lifestyles may be very different than they were when are parents were children.  In effect, in many cases, the relationship dynamic changes, and in some ways, can even turn completely around, with the child taking on a more parental role.

Regardless of your relationship (or in some cases, non-relationship) with your parents, if you are having issues, an outside perspective can be of help. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I’m trained to understand why things are like they are, and I also have the experience to help you resolve these issues.

Other Relationships

Sometimes, relationship issues have nothing to do with family, and instead are focused on friends, social instances, or even perhaps work. A person who is having difficulty getting along with a boss, for example, might want to explore ways to make it work (or at least understand the issues that are presenting a challenge.)

If you find yourself experiencing some of these issues and wish to discuss this in more detail, please contact me to learn more.


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